Our Patient Billing Solutions Integrate Seamlessly With Your Facility

Partnering with Mnet enables you to increase patient satisfaction, prevent a loss to your facility, and increase your cash flow.

We Help Your Patients Understand Their Bills

Many patients pay late. Some do not pay at all. Often, this happens because patients simply do not understand their bills, making early contact very important. Whether your patients want to make a payment, setup a payment plan, or need help understanding their bill, our Patient Financial Advocates are there to help and can communicate in over 200 languages.

We Provide More Ways for Patients to Pay

Patients need more ways to pay their medical bills quickly and easily. This is why we have integrated technologies, like PaySuite and Text-to-Pay, that help your patients pay.

PaySuite is a customizable white-labeled payment technology that we setup for your facility so your patients can make online or mobile payments, setup payment plans or financing.

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Text-to-Pay is a compliant contactless payment solution that allows patients to pay and manage their medical bills from the comfort of their phone, getting personalized payment options via text.

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Give Your PatientsThe Ultimate Financial Experience

Whether your patients want to make a payment, setup a payment plan, or need help understanding their bill by communicating with our Patient Financial Advocates in over 200 languages, we integrate seamlessly with your facility to provide your patients with the financial experience they desire.

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The Benefits of Partnering with Mnet Health

Increase Cash Flow and Reduce Bad Debt

One surgical hospital increased their cash flow by $1.8 million and reduced their bad debt by $1.1 million in the first year alone with our First Party Patient Billing Solutions.

Improve Your Patient's Experience

Mnet helps providers tap into the consumer-driven mindset of today’s patients, empowering them to take charge of their financial situation.

Communicate in Over 200 Languages

Our patient financial advocates can not only help patients understand their bill, but can do so in over 200 languages, creating a better financial experience.

Free Up Your Employees and Resources

Time and resources that were formerly tied up with billing and collecting payments can now be spent on patient care, patient scheduling, or ramping up case volumes.

Provide More Ways for Your Patients to Pay

Utilizing our customizable payment technologies, such as PaySuite and Text-to-Pay, will empower your patients with the options they need to pay their medical bills.

We Make Onboarding Simple and Easy

We make onboarding simple by helping you through the entire process, helping you reach your goal more quickly.

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