Innovative Approach

We work tirelessly to gain insights on the financial aspect of the healthcare industry to see what is needed and how to turn it into a valued product that is readily available for medical providers.

Our company culture was built on ingenuity and hard work. Mnet Health Services was created due to the need for a specialized approach to the revenue cycle in the healthcare industry. Prior to the inception of our first brand in 2005, most revenue cycle companies had a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Back then, patients were usually treated the same way as any other consumer. But most patients didn’t understand the healthcare system or even their own health insurance policies for that matter. They truly needed something more. This need for highly knowledgeable and well trained, “patient friendly” customer service inspired a revolution in the receivables sector of the healthcare world.

Mnet Financial, Mnet Health Services’ first major brand, became the first collection agency to work exclusively in the healthcare space featuring collection specialists who were well-informed on the topic of healthcare. Their directive was, and still to this day is, to provide the highest level of customer service to patients while working diligently to create resolution for the patient’s medical debt.