Leadership Advancement

At Mnet Health Services, our people give us the competitive advantage.  Our talent pool is extremely strong, therefore we focus on building from within.  Developing our talent helps us to build leaders very easily.  We approach the development of our people in the same way we approach the development of our brands and products at each and every level of the company.

We take pride in bringing in and hiring some of the most talented individuals in the healthcare industry.  Our selection process measures capabilities for leadership, aptitude, and character.  Applicants are hired based on their capability for fitting in with our company culture.

Leadership development is made possible when an employee has the opportunity to gain hands-on experience.  We create specific responsibilities for each of our employees that are designed to match up their personal strengths and interests with the needs of the company.

We are actively involved in recruitment and mentoring.  We regularly take part in recruitment opportunities at local college campuses.  Our executives also act as coaches and mentors to help younger employees to develop the necessary skills to take a leadership role in business or organizationally.

We don’t just create jobs, but create real opportunities.  One way that we are able to accomplish this is by managing our talent to build diversity and capabilities that are required for success in business.  We groom our employees with assignments that challenge and refine them for more responsible roles in the future.

Additionally, we provide functional, leadership, and even technical skills training.  While some of our training sessions are offered at specific milestones (such as a promotion to management), other programs take management level employees into the field for face-to-face meetings with prospective clients and clients who currently make use of our services.