Patient Financial Assistance

Our patient advocates verify eligibility and obtain benefit authorizations to increase clean claims rates, eliminate costly rework and accelerate reimbursement.
Patient advocates take the time to explain what the patient’s insurance plan has offered to cover and what their expected out of pocket will be. We help educate and prepare the patient as to what they can expect financially.
Patients are offered financing options and/or payment plans that make the most sense when considering the patients’ personal financial situation, their healthcare coverage, and their ability to pay.

Medical Billing Services

Our team is certified, credentialed, and experienced in inpatient and outpatient coding. We work hard to ensure that all services are coded quickly and flawlessly. Our coders are well trained and meet the highest performance standards and can be used remotely during periods of high volume or when other needs arise.
Our medical billing professionals handle everything from data entry to clean claim submissions, ensuring optimal reimbursement.
Payment posting must be done accurately for a truly optimized revenue cycle. Our team is expert at reading and interpreting EOB’s and entering the EOB’s into the practice’s management system. We are also incredibly adept at recognizing denials on claims. Mnet Health Services helps streamline the provider’s office while providing cost efficiencies as well.
We offer claims follow-up, denials and appeals in a results driven compensation model for medical providers. Our service is designed to collect on outstanding balances and our “patient friendly” approach helps retain the patient’s relationship with the provider.
Full service outsource-From first party patient billing to pre-collect and bad debt collections, our highly trained and monitored agents have the experience and desire to help patients resolve their medical bills. Letters with inbound and outbound call center support including evening and weekends.
We offer medical lien funding, an innovative solution that gives medical providers a risk-free option for dealing with personal injury cases. Under this program, medical professionals in hospitals, surgery hospitals and trauma centers will receive the funding they need to properly care for those who have become injured so that they can receive diagnostic testing and the subsequent treatment required.

Collector Training

We train patient and insurance collectors with an emphasis on organization, work priorities, and technique. Training can be completed remotely through the Internet or can be done onsite. Training criteria can be customized to include insurance verification and payment posting upon request.
We provide training and support around handling the collection of co-payment, co-insurance and deductibles.

Quality Assurance

Remotely monitor calls and activities performed by business office staff to increase efficiency and reduce costly errors.
Utilizing our third party monitoring review and reporting of patient feedback allows Mnet to find weakness and fine tune your patient experience.

Care Coordination

We offer a cost-effective approach to optimizing and managing a provider’s existing infrastructure. We provide a proven plan and demonstrate a track to improve business results. We build a customized solution to meet the provider’s corporate needs including data networking and unified communications. No matter what the provider’s needs are, we offer a pricing model that fits the needs of their business.
The main goal of our LPN Follow-Up service is to ensure quality care for patients, manage risks, and reduce costs. We offer high-quality care management services that provide patients with the necessary follow up care they need at the right time. Today’s healthcare professionals need effective tools to meet the demands of providing quality care and our LPN Follow-Up service is an effective and valuable solution.
Staffing highly qualified and skilled nurse anesthetists for a hospital, ambulatory surgery center or medical practice can be challenging. Mnet Health Services offers anesthesia staffing solutions for temporary needs up to the point of permanent job placement. Our commitment is to provide the highest level of customer service and delivering CRNA’s that will be a compliment to your medical facility.