New Year 2022

Our 2021 Story and Outlook for 2022

As we step into a new year, we reflect on what has transpired over the last 12 months and express our gratitude to all our incredible staff, partners, and customers. We’re looking forward to continuing to empower ASCs in 2022.

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Patient Experience

Is Your Patient Experience Fitting for Stars?

ASCs need to continue striving to make their surgical facilities the safest and best option for their patients. Read what top ASCs do to stay focused on their patient experience.

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Importance of Early Out

Improving Patient Billing / Early Out and Bad Debt Collections for ASCs

Patient billing/early out collections and bad debt recovery can substantially affect revenue and patient satisfaction. Do you know what steps to take to get it right?

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Nurse Staffing Shortage

How ASCs Can Navigate Major Staffing Shortage

Is your facility being affected by the staffing shortage of nurses? See how Mnet can help you free up your employees and resources.

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Elective Surgeries

Staying Ahead Amidst Postponed Elective Surgeries

Having an RCM partner focus on the patient financial experience can free up limited staff. Find out how we can help you.

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Healthcare Financial Concierge

How a Healthcare Financial Concierge Boosts Patient Satisfaction

Do you know the benefits of having a wide array of healthcare financial concierge services? Find out how Mnet can improve your patient satisfaction and increase your revenue.

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Revenue Cycle Management

Why Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Is More Crucial Now Than Ever

Partnering with an efficient revenue cycle management company is a crucial part of your facility's success. Find out how Mnet Health makes your decision easier.

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Patient Reviews

How Patient Reviews Can Boost Your Practice’s Revenue

75% of users select a provider by reading patient reviews. Here are 3 strategies to lead more patients to your facility.

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Patient Payment Options

Do You Know Why Patient Payment Options Are Vital In 2021?

Mnet's PaySUITE benefits your patients by allowing them to choose multiple payment options that fit their needs.

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Out-of-pocket Expenses Mnet

How Are Out-of-Pocket Expenses Affecting Patients in 2021?

We know patients need access to healthcare, but sadly many cannot afford it. What can you do to help patients meet their out-of-pocket expenses?

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Mnet Patient Experience

4 Effective Patient Engagement Strategies To Improve Patient Experience

Implementing these four patient engagement strategies will benefit your facility. See how partnering with Mnet will improve the patient financial experience.

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Healthcare Consumerism

How Healthcare Consumerism Will Affect Your Facility

Healthcare consumerism is on the rise. Are you ready for the change?

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