Final CFPB Rule

Final CFPB Debt Rule Puts Consumers in the Driver’s Seat

The CFPB’s new rule outlines details that allows patient collections to undergo a digital transformation. Are you ready?

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New CFPB Rules

Adapting Your Patient Financial Communications to New CFPB Rules

New CFPB rules have been incorporated into the FDCPA. What exactly does this mean for you?

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Snapshot: Best Practices for Patient-Friendly Billing

Here is a look at patient-friendly billing principles highlighted in the report by ACA International and the Healthcare Financial Management Association.

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Patient-Centric RCM

How to Create a More Patient-Centric Revenue Cycle

Did you know over 35% of provider revenue now comes from patient payments, rather than insurance? Providers who adopt these 3 patient-centric strategies will reap multiple benefits for themselves and their patients.

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ACA International and HFMA Release Best Practices for Resolution of Medical Accounts

The updated best practices build off the work of a 2014 task force and reflect an ongoing commitment to help patients resolve their medical bills.

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How to Get Out of the Paper Ages and Into the Digital Pay Era

In addition to the ongoing impact of Covid-19, consumer behavior is changing. Here’s how to make your digital pay experience more innovative and engaging for patients.

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Bad Debt

A Surge in Revenue Cycle Outsourcing is Reducing Bad Debt

Healthcare providers are looking to trusted RCM vendors to reduce their bad debt. Discover three distinct methods that Mnet Health utilizes.

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Improve Your Revenue Cycle

Improve Your Revenue Cycle – Patients Need More Financial Flexibility

Improving your patients’ financial experience starts with improving your own revenue cycle. Here are 3 tips to help you reach your goal.

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First and Third Party Collections

Understanding The Difference Between 1st Party and 3rd Party Patient Collections

Understand the differences between first party and third party collections before you outsource any of your Patient Revenue Cycle. Here is how the two compare.

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How Surgery Centers Can Navigate Post-Lockdown Staffing Issues

Many ASCs may have post-lockdown staffing challenges. Here are a few things to think about.

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Mnet Remote Call Center

Remote Call Centers Make Sense Now More Than Ever

While we continue to navigate through the coronavirus pandemic, Mnet is ready to field inbound calls. Our remote call center is here to assist you. Learn more to see how our strategy works.

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