Mnet Financial is the superior choice in financial services for the healthcare world.  We produce innovative approaches for the collection industry and are the leader in receivable management solutions.  We equip providers with better account receivable tools and a true bad debt recovery partnership.


Budgeting for a medical treatment or surgical procedure can be a challenge for any household.  High deductible insurance plans and procedures that aren’t covered by insurance plans often leave patients with large expenses to deal with.  That’s why medical providers choose MedDraft to set up and manage payment plans with their patients.


Patient billing services is dedicated to giving patients personalized billing support.  We partner with best-in-class medical providers who want to ensure that their patient receives a top-notch billing experience.  We offer patient friendly billing accompanied by knowledgeable and friendly billing agents who are eager to help.

Patient Choice

Patient Choice Credit focuses on healthcare financing so that patients can receive the health, wellness, or beauty procedure or surgery they need.  Our solution gives patients the ability to pay for their treatment or procedure with the convenience of monthly payments.