Patient Billing Solutions

We offer patient billing solutions for providers focused on helping patients pay their medical bills by providing a helpful financial experience and increasing your cash flow.

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Our Patient Billing Solutions Include

Custom PaySuite Portal:

100% patient acceptance. Patients can set up a payment plan, view available finance options, or speak with live call agents.

Text-to-Pay Experience:

Your patients enroll in our custom text billing program to receive information and notifications regarding their balance with the ability to make payments from their smartphones or tablets.

A Seamless Extension of Your Facility:

Multi-lingual customer service agents make and take calls as your facility billing department and are available to support your patients from 8am- 8pm CST M-F and on Saturdays from 9am-3pm.

Payment Plan Oversight:

Payment plans are managed and tracked with clearly defined terms laid out for patients. We also call for missed payments or expiring cards before or as events arise.

Bad Debt Write-Off Control:

You still decide which accounts go to bad debt.  Once you decide, accounts move from the 1st party call center to our bad debt collections service.

Daily Communications:

We provide nightly reports which provide insight into payments, escalations, or patient account scenarios your facility team would prefer to handle directly.

Increase Your Revenue With Our Patient Billing Solutions

Year-1 Revenue Improvement: 1.024M

Patient Payments 840k 1.86M (121% Increase)
Bad Debt 2.1M 1M (Reduced by 1.1M)
Cost to collect 190k 186k

Net $ Returned to Surgical Hospital in 1 Year = $1,024,000.00 or 85K per month

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Clients Utilizing Our PaySuite See Their Cash Flow Increase 40%-100%


Our multi-lingual Patient Financial Advocates are not only available to help your patients understand your billing options, but will also make and take calls as your facility billing department. 

If you’re looking to give your patients a better financial experience while increasing cash flow, we welcome you to join us in our mission to help patients pay!

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