Payment Workflow

After insurance pays, Mnet manages the patient balances for you through a well-coordinated workflow to maximize ways to pay. Mnet offers:

  • Strategic outreach campaigns
  • Text & email alerts
  • Specialty tailored workflows for coordination of benefits, out of network patients, payment plan management and more
  • A knowledgeable, multilingual team
  • Quality Assurance to maintain a positive patient financial experience

Mnet is able to offer solutions from the first day of patient responsibility through bad debt in a compliant, seamless and effective revenue cycle process.

Financing Options

Through partnerships with select financing providers, we have the ability to offer your patients client approved finance options or assist them in using existing lines of credit to quickly resolve outstanding balances.  With Mnet’s financial center providing support throughout the payment process, patients can choose the payment method that best fits their situation.

  • Only approved finance options offered
  • Web-based & live agent supported options
  • Finance providers and specific offerings may be customized as needed

Payment Plans

While working with patients toward payment in full is always our top priority, some patients will require a payment plan.  Our goal is to provide multiple payment options to help patients secure and resolve their balance in the shortest period possible.  Our approach insures success for you and your patients.

  • Live agents support patients in finding the best plan
  • Online payment plan options available 24/7 and customizable
  • Multiple ways for patients to manage their plan or contact us to modify
  • Timely, live agent intervention when payments are missed
  • Communication throughout the agreed upon terms

The result?  Fewer broken promises and a better financial experience for your patients.

Financial Assistance

When patients are unable to pay, some providers offer Financial Assistance or Charity Care programs to help with all or a portion of their bill. In support of these programs, Mnet provides program information and instructions per your guidelines.  Thereafter, ongoing communication with your business office insures program requirements are met.

Additionally, Mnet will support with the following:

  • Client provided online messaging and live agent instruction
  • Reporting on applications and status
  • Ongoing assistance to patients requesting updates
  • Respectful patient communication and assistance regardless of financial circumstances