The Mnet PaySuite combines a well designed UI with technology to create a SaaS platform that accelerates payments, offers financing options for all, flexible payment plans and a well designed UI.

Accelerating Payments

The user interface encourages patients towards paying in full in the shortest period of time which will drive down days in A/R.

Financing Options for All

Our goal is to create a winning environment for all and build a better patient financial experience. Our PaySuite offers a fully customizable financing option for each patient. These offers give the patient, no matter their situation, choices that work for them.

Flexible Payment Plans

SurgiPay™ payment plans allow patients to choose the perfect secured payment plan for their schedule and circumstances. Allowing the patient to make a selection, know their data is secure enhances the trust between your patients and facility.

Thoughtfully Designed UI

Our PaySuite is actually your PaySuite. You can white label the PaySuite so that every page, logo and design is as unique as the provider offering it. This ensures that at every stop along your patient’s financial journey will be connected with your facility to ensure a better experience for your patient.