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Vendor Management

Mnet Health’s Vendor Management solution is a group of services that is designed to improve the performance of vendors, identify and manage known risks, and reduce costs for clients. Our suite of services includes:

Identifying Most Suitable Vendors – In some situations, some suppliers are better equipped to offer greater prices or better terms. Industry knowledge and expertise helps create advantages for clients.

Negotiation Skills – The ability to negotiate with prospective vendors and complete a master agreement is a valuable proficiency.

Opportunity Identification – We actively search out opportunities to shift vendor terms in the favor of the client while cutting unnecessary costs.

Vendor Consolidation – Opportunities to consolidate vendors can be beneficial to the client because it can result in better terms as well as better pricing.

Managing Vendor Transitioning – The transitional period moving from the use of one vendor to the next can result in a loss of income or a lack of supplies. By managing the transition we limit the impact that can be caused.

Vendor Evaluation – We monitor and evaluate the current roster of vendors regarding pricing, performance and quality continuously.

Risk Management and Evaluation – We help manage the risks common to working with vendors particularly from foreign countries.
Vendor Activity Management and Evaluation – We monitor the activities of vendors in the area of quality and contract compliance so that vendors meet deadline and delivery times, and comply with procedures, pricing, and proper invoicing.

What are the advantages to using Mnet Health’s Vendor Management solution?

Regular vendor review prevents service failures and problems. When issues are found; notifications are sent out to relevant parties to bring back service agreement compliance.

Regular reviews of vendor performance stimulates improvement in vendor and client communication as well as in processes.

Our vendor management solution keeps the relationship between vendor and client balanced ensuring that the goals of both companies are met.

Efficiency amongst vendor partners will build up profits; ultimately making clients more productive.

Mnet’s Vendor Management solution ensures that there are less misunderstandings and failures in the flow of communication between vendors and the client.

Total costs are reduced by identifying areas to save and by adjusting processes accordingly.