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Mnet supports your patients with a premier, helpful financial experience. Our technology, payment solutions and patient concierge service provide increased collections and more satisfied patients.

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Is Your COVID-19 Response Going to Cost You Patient Visits in the Future?

Preserving patient loyalty during this time is crucial. Here are 3 essentials to consider.

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Mnet Health Provides Immediate Remote Patient Financial Advocates and Remote Call Center

Do you need help fielding patient calls during the COVID-19 pandemic? Mnet is here to help with our highly trained Patient Financial Advocates and Remote Call Center. Learn More...

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Coronavirus Sets the Stage for Hack Attack

As appalling as the news has been as of late, COVID-19 isn’t the only threat we have to face during this frightening pandemic. Hackers, spammers and scam artists are using this worldwide tragedy as an opportunity to step up the spread of malware and computer phishing scams. Here's what you need to know...

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