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Mnet supports your patients with a premier, helpful financial experience. Our technology, payment solutions and patient concierge service provide increased collections and more satisfied patients.

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The latest news and information articles for the world of healthcare.

Strategies for Better Patient Financial Engagement Across Different Generations

A helpful financial experience not only builds patient loyalty and satisfaction but also generates repeat business and referrals. Here are some insights into how patients pay by generation.

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Keeping Up With Trends and Challenges Facing Nonprofit Hospitals

According to the AHA, 79% of the 4840 US community hospitals today are nonprofit which means that these hospitals may qualify for favored tax treatment under federal tax laws, as well as a variety of state and local income, property and sales laws. Read more after the jump.

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Court Dismisses TCPA Violation on Text Messages Reportedly Sent Using ATDS

A group of plaintiffs lost their argument in a case based on the ongoing court debate about the definition of an automatic telephone dialing system and the capacity to randomly or sequentially generate numbers. Click to read more.

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