Is your COVID-19 Response going to cost you patient visits in the future?

Patients who owe you as little as $100 may visit a different provider for their future needs.

According to an AthenaHealth study completed in 2017, “orthopedic patients were the most sensitive to balance size, with their return rates dropping 45 percentage points when their balance was over $200 compared to when they owed nothing.”

Here are 3 essentials to Preserving Patient Loyalty During Crisis:

1) Proactive Patient Communication

  • A Letter strategy to communicate your policies and available payment options
  • Being mindful of the tone on your outbound calls

2) Flexibility for Payment Options

  • Offer a deferred in-house payment arrangement
  • Helping patients understand your 3rd party finance options available to them

3) Extended Hours for In-House Patient Financial Advocates

  • Providing practical advice on subjects such as unemployment
  • Discuss other options that are available and what they might expect

Mnet is ready to help you, even on a temporary basis, using our Remote Call Center technology and remote Patient Financial Advocates. 

Contact us to find out more:

800.361.6638 |

We are here to help.

In light of the current Coronavirus pandemic, Mnet is deeply committed to working with the medical community in their efforts to stabilize productivity and keep patient communications open and available. Our main goal is to help our loyal clients and help preserve the integrity of our industry as we work through this challenging time together.

Remote Call Center:

Mnet has tailored our remote assistance to be a seamless transition for your ASC with limited commitment. You will forward inbound patient-balance calls into our Remote Call Center. Our Patient Financial Advocates will remotely access your Patient Accounting System.

Remote Call Center Features:

  • PFA teams dedicated to you and your ASC
  • 100% US based with multilingual staff
  • Seamless Call transfer capabilities
  • IVR
  • Support 8am-8pm central and weekends with 9 second average hold time

Patient Financial Advocates (PFA’s) :

Your patients will be assisted by highly trained PFA’s

  • Able to answer billing questions
  • Offer payment or pay-plan options
  • Help boost CareCredit utilization
  • PFA’s can help patients explore alternative payment or bill resolution through federal or state programs
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The Small Business Owner's Guide to the CARES Act

Check out this PDF guide providing information about the CARES Act programs available from the SBA, as well as some additional tax provisions.

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