Patient Payment Options

Do You Know Why Patient Payment Options Are Vital In 2021?

Mnet's PaySUITE benefits your patients by allowing them to choose multiple payment options that fit their needs.

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Out-of-pocket Expenses Mnet

How Are Out-of-Pocket Expenses Affecting Patients in 2021?

We know patients need access to healthcare, but sadly many cannot afford it. What can you do to help patients meet their out-of-pocket expenses?

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Mnet Patient Experience

4 Effective Patient Engagement Strategies To Improve Patient Experience

Implementing these four patient engagement strategies will benefit your facility. See how partnering with Mnet will improve the patient financial experience.

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Healthcare Consumerism

How Healthcare Consumerism Will Affect Your Facility

Healthcare consumerism is on the rise. Are you ready for the change?

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Text-to-Pay Patient Solution

Text-to-Pay Is The Patient Solution Your Facility Needs

Did you know that 80% of consumers prefer texting? If you’re looking for a way to boost your facility’s revenue, see why Mnet's Text-to-Pay is a powerful patient solution.

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Mnet ASC Revenue

3 Digital Tools to Maximize Your ASC Revenue

Do you have these digital tools implemented to maximize your ASC revenue?

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How Mnet’s Solution, Text-to-Pay, Will Save You Money and Get You Paid Quicker

In just 60 days of using Text-to-Pay, 63% of patients paid their bills in full and another 27% set up payment plans.

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Benefits of Mnet’s 1st Party Patient Billing Solutions

4 ways to increase cash flow and improve your patient’s experience with Mnet’s 1st Party Patient Billing Solutions.

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Telehealth Reimbursement Laws

Telehealth Reimbursement Laws and Trends in the Surgical Space

Telehealth is the wave of the future. Learn more on what has been put in place to ensure its success.

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Mnet Patient Pain Points

3 Significant Pain Points Patients Have About Medical Bills

Identifying and correcting these three major pain points will lead to a better patient financial experience.

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Surprise Medical Billing

3 Things You Need to Know About Surprise Medical Bills

What does the new surprise medical billing legislation mean for your practice?

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