Mnet Patient Pain Points

3 Significant Pain Points Patients Have About Medical Bills

Identifying and correcting these three major pain points will lead to a better patient financial experience.

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Surprise Medical Billing

3 Things You Need to Know About Surprise Medical Bills

What does the new surprise medical billing legislation mean for your practice?

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Upcoming ASC Trends in 2021

Upcoming Trends ASCs Need to Watch Out For In 2021

The outlook for ASCs in 2021 is bright. Is your surgical facility ready for the changes in the industry?

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OKC Call Center Hub

Mnet Health Makes Choice for Call Center Hub

We can’t wait to set up our new call center hub in OKC! The city has many friendly and professional candidates and is a great cultural fit.

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Mnet Health 2020 Year In Review

Our 2020 Story and Outlook for 2021 By David Hamilton, CEO of Mnet Health

This past year, we embraced change and were able to adapt to new circumstances. Now we look forward to even more possibilities as we carry out our mission to help patients pay.

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Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic Cause Increase in Health Care Consumerism

Patients are taking more control over their medical care. How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed the course of health care consumerism?

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Price Transparency

Spotlight on Price Transparency

New CMS price transparency rules for U.S. hospitals go into effect in January 2021. How will you publish your pricing information?

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Final CFPB Rule

Final CFPB Debt Rule Puts Consumers in the Driver’s Seat

The CFPB’s new rule outlines details that allows patient collections to undergo a digital transformation. Are you ready?

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New CFPB Rules

Adapting Your Patient Financial Communications to New CFPB Rules

New CFPB rules have been incorporated into the FDCPA. What exactly does this mean for you?

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Snapshot: Best Practices for Patient-Friendly Billing

Here is a look at patient-friendly billing principles highlighted in the report by ACA International and the Healthcare Financial Management Association.

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Patient-Centric RCM

How to Create a More Patient-Centric Revenue Cycle

Did you know over 35% of provider revenue now comes from patient payments, rather than insurance? Providers who adopt these 3 patient-centric strategies will reap multiple benefits for themselves and their patients.

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